Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Trip to the Park

On Monday I had our friend Kasie over with her baby Emily.  Sometimes Sam is okay with having Emily over and other times she hates that there is another baby in the vicinity that is getting any attention and Sam tends to bully Emily.  We decided we would take the girls to the park to get them out of the house since it was such pretty weather outside.  When we got to the park it was PACKED!  I had totally forgotten that it was President's Day and the schools were out...  We made the most out of it anyways and sat on a bench with the babies and let them wiggle around in the sunshine :-)  Even though we wanted to get the girls into the toddler swings, they were full so we loaded them into their strollers and walked the entire length of the "linear park".  Two hours later the babies had gotten in a decent nap and both mommies had some good exercise!  I think we will definitely be doing this more as the weather gets warmer.
Sam loving the outside!

Emily playing with Sam's stroller

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