Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not the face!

My child has become a little piranha!  She has recently broken her 3rd tooth and this means drool, whining, low-grade fever, etc.  I was not aware however that she would start biting me all the time!  I would be more understanding if it was a little gentle baby bite...however, she bites with purpose.  She has left several bruises on my arms and it's starting to look like I'm being beaten by a very small baseball bat.

Today she did the unthinkable...
SHE BIT MY FACE!!  Who does that?!  She then proceeded to bite my stomach...

How do I stop this?  I've tried sternly telling her "no" and she laughs hysterically at me.  I really do not want to "bite her back" as everybody tells me to do, so is there another method? 

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