Monday, March 14, 2011


This past Friday Sam and I decided to make our Grams some tiramisu cupcakes for her birthday.  I hadn't done this kind of baking in a long time and I was really looking forward to it.  We started the day like usual but as soon as she went down for her first nap I got to baking the cupcakes themselves.  It was a basic white cupcake recipe that went pretty quickly.
When she woke up we ate lunch and played for a few minutes while the cupcakes cooled.  After that I had to put her in the highchair with her cooking spoons to play while I made a chocolate espresso mousse filling.  All started out well and she played and banged the spoons around.  But all started going downhill when I got to the part of the recipe that required me to stir a custard on the stove for about 20 minutes continuously.  She decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to let me know that the highchair was NOT where she wanted to be.  After lots of screaming and crying, I ended up calling her daddy to ask him to come watch her while I finished at least the filling of the cupcakes.  Blake eventually had to go back to work so we put up the baby gate to keep Sam in the kitchen, brought her some of her toys and let her go to town while I made the yummy, yummy marscarpone whipped frosting.
Sam loved playing on the kitchen floor because she finally got to explore that space and play with one of the cabinets.  Since we have porcelain tile floors I've always been a little hesitant to let her stand up and play in there in fear that she will fall and bust open her head.  I know...I'm a little overprotective...
By the time we were done with the cupcakes I think we were both exhausted but it was well worth it because these cupcakes were AMAZING!  Here is the final product:

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  1. The cupcakes were, indeed, amazing! -made even
    more so by knowing that they were made with love
    by my amazing grandchildren (Ashley, Blake and

    Much love,