Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

"Spring Break" didn't mean anything to me in college or for years after.  I went to a local school and when we had vacations I just used that time to work more hours and sleep.

These days, Spring Break means that all of my friends that are teachers have the week off and we get to spend some time together.  I love it and I know Sam loves having all of the visitors throughout the week :-)

First was Ashley.  She lives in Dallas so we hardly get to see her.  Sam thinks she's the funniest thing to walk on two legs so she's always thrilled when she shows up.  Everything that Ashley does causes Sam to laugh just a little harder.  Even if I was to do the exact same thing, I would just get an eye roll!  I got a video of some of the silliness that was going down on Tuesday night.  Ashley made her laugh so hard that she fell backwards!!

Next up, we had Joy.  She is very busy with teaching, music, and 900 other things so it's always hard to sync up our schedules unless school is out.  Sam used to be a little timid around Joy for some reason but Wednesday she was loving on Joy and having a blast.  First thing we did was eat lunch.  Joy and I had grilled turkey sandwiches and chips while Sam ate some puffs and yogurt melts.  Then we chose to spend our day going to the park.  Joy and I walked the linear park trail which took about an hour and Sam used this time for a much needed nap.  By the time we got back to the playground Sam was starting to wake up so we decided to put her in the toddler swings for her very first time on a swing.  She couldn't have cared less because she was more interested in the other children swinging next to her.

After the park we decided to go to the new Party City in town and look around.  I was interested in what type of things they had that would go with the theme of her first birthday.  First things first though... play with the bunny ears :-)

Last but certainly not least, we spent Friday with Morgan.  She is usually over here once a week but we certainly enjoyed spending more time with her during the day.  We chose to go to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens since it was supposed to be so pretty outside.  Not only was it pretty outside but it ended up being pretty dang hot.  We walked around the different gardens for a while and then found the perfect place to get Sam out of her stroller and relax with a good breeze for a while.

Overall we had a wonderful Spring Break and I loved getting spend time with all of the friends that I love so much.  Now we have summer vacation to look forward to!

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