Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been a bad mommy blogger :-(  I do apologize!  Lots has been going on around here though so it's not like I've just been completely avoiding you guys just for the heck of it. 

Sam has had tooth #4 teasing her for about a month and a half and it has finally decided to make it's way down.  This has resulted in a week and a half of short naps and lots of fussing.  This has also resulted in lots of bite marks on her beautiful crib. 
I finally had to go and buy some kind of cover for the rail so that I could at least minimize the damage that will be done to this bed.  The one that I found only covers the front rail (the picture is from the side rail) but I figured I would give it a try anyways until I found one that would also cover the sides.  This is what I found:

I figured I would post a review on here.  This is in no way linked with the company but figured there might be some people out there interested in whether a product like this is worth the $12.  It comes in four 12 inch pieces that you just pop onto the rail.  It says that the plastic will soothe baby's gums and protect the wood.  Here is what it looked like installed:
As you can tell, it was a little short by a few inches, but nothing that she can really get her mouth onto.  After chewing on it a little she didn't seem to mind it being there and I think she probably liked it.

I've been keeping an eye on it and since I've put these on the front rail she hasn't really tried to chew on the side rails anymore.  Yay!  I say this was $12 well spent :-)

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